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Month: November 2015

Your Family’s Most Nourishing Staple: Homemade Bone Broth


Once you get on the homemade bone broth bandwagon, you’ll be like me and other broth aficionados who can no longer imagine throwing out a carcass – especially one as rich with possibility as the one from your giant Thanksgiving turkey! Of course, bones from chicken pieces, a rotisserie chicken or any other poultry will also work for a homemade chicken “bone broth.” Continue reading

Whole Food Toddler Snack Series: Sweet Potato Bites


It’s almost silly how easy this “recipe” is – really it’s more a trick than a recipe. I love this one because it transforms a unique (as far a snacks go anyway), healthful root vegetable into a portable, non-messy, finger-food. Continue reading

Whole Food Toddler Snack Series: Apple Pie Bars


I love that you can lay out the ingredients for this recipe and recognize every single one of them as an actual food! Nothing from a can, jar or plastic bag. It’s beautiful,  isn’t it? Continue reading

Whole Food Toddler Snack Series: Gummies

DSC_0541 (1)

What’s great about these gummies, besides the fact that they are soooo easy, portable, clean and well loved by toddlers everywhere, is that they are made with pure collagen gelatin from grass-fed animals. Like all foods, quality here matters. Continue reading

Whole Food Toddler Snack Series & My Snack Philosophy

DSC_0051 (1)

Would anyone out there disagree with me if I made the claim that toddlers and preschoolers almost unilaterally prefer snacks over meals? Maybe it’s their short attention span, or that it’s more fun to eat on a walk in the stroller, at the park, in their car seat, or sitting on the floor. Who knows!? But, in my experience, it’s just true. Continue reading

Simple Sweet Potato Skillet


I find that I have the most success getting whole foods, especially vegetables, onto our plates when I keep it simple. And this suits me perfectly, since I disdain complicated recipes and the typical post-recipe mess. A meal like this one makes easy use of the kale and broccoli still growing in our garden and takes advantage of in-season sweet potatoes. Continue reading

Four Vegetables Still Growing in My Minnesota Garden


Of the produce I grew this year, these are the tireless, enduring champions – the plants that are still in the ground, producing actual edible food for us, on freakin’ November 1 in Minnesota! Anyone who loves to plant and grow knows that it’s never too early to start dreaming about next year, so add these valorous vegetables to your wish list. I have not been disappointed! Continue reading