Plant, grow, reap, eat. Taking an active role in our food from seed to table gives me so much joy! Every sprouting seed is a small miracle! And it’s not only in the garden – I am also lucky enough to get witness my two daughters grow, and I am continually reminded as I plant and water that my girls also are soaking everything in and growing into themselves. In the garden they are right by my side – if not exactly helping, they are always “helping” – digging for worms or carelessly scattering seeds. To me, and of course the exploring minds of two little ones, the process is magical – planting seeds, picking in our own garden, shopping the farmer’s market, foraging in the wild and creating, crafting, and cooking nourishing food that we can all enjoy.

I get so much pleasure in taking part in the growing and creating myself. There’s something about putting your hands in the dirt, planting a humble seed, and nurturing it to grow and create fruit – how incredibly amazing is that! And then there are the endless creations that follow – nourishing meals, home-brews that your friends raise their eye-brows at (but then love, of course!), healthy snacks your kids actually enjoy – all from real food, which forms the foundation for the health and energy we need to best enjoy life. My pastor once said in a sermon that only by outward expression do we fully experience things like love, adoration and joy. That’s why there’s something in us that just needs to say “I love you!” or point out the beautiful sunset, or worship God.  So what I write on this site is a way to express the joy I experience in growing and creating, and I hope that you will be inspired and receive the information you need to take part in the process as well. You do not need to grow everything from scratch to enjoy the recipes and projects I have on this site! Every day, access to real food is improving, and there is bound to be a farmer’s market or grocery store with great options not far from you. I hope you enjoy what I have to share as much as I do!