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5-Minute Sourdough Bread


Bread is emblematic as a sustainer of life. Christ chose his words for a reason when he called himself “the Bread of Life.” Many throughout the ages have survived on bread and little else. But today, bread has gained a reputation as an empty food, or even as an enemy to our health. Why is that? Continue reading

Paleo Coconut Almond Cut-Out Cookies

DSC_1149 (1)

I just realized that we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, and that I should be a good mom and blogger by providing some fun Valentine’s treats! We made these cookies this morning, and I definitely did win the affection and praises of my 4- and 2-year-olds. “This is the best day ever!” says the older one, with her little sister echoing “Day ever!” in an attempt to talk just like her. So cute. I hope all of you are as fully pleased 🙂 Continue reading

Sourdough Baking: Why and How

I have a bubbling jar of sourdough starter going at all times and use it for absolutely everything – bread, muffins, doughnuts, pizza dough, pancakes, biscuits, you name it. If it contains flour, I make it with sourdough. Why would I do this? What am I even talking about? I’m so glad you asked! A sourdough “starter” is just a mixture of flour and water populated with lactic-acid-producing bacteria – these are the “good” bacteria, or “probiotics” you’ve probably heard about. This is the same genre of bacteria that is used to culture milk into yogurt. There are so many benefits, but to me the biggest are that the bacteria work in the flour to break down gluten and phytates (or phytic acid) – making the end product easier to digest and the nutrients in the flour more bioavailable. There is a bit to dig into here, so if you’re up for it, read on. Otherwise, you can skip down to the instructions for getting started!

Continue reading