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Indoor Gardening: Sunflower Shoots


I had one of those Target experiences the other day – where you go in to kill time and walk out with $70 in purchases. But I’m ok with that decision because my prizes included two cheery glazed terra-cotta pots to start my sunflower shoots. And this is the time of year when we can really benefit from brightening things up with a splash of color – my adorable sunflower shoots in matching pots were just the thing for me! Continue reading

Gift Guide for a Whole Food Homesteader


For those of you who are scrambling for last-minute gift ideas, or just shopping for yourself, here are a few of my favorite things! (I am not receiving any reimbursement for these listings.) Please comment below to share your ideas and favorites – I know there are scores more, plus my husband doesn’t know what to get me yet! 🙂 Continue reading