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Paleo Coconut Almond Cut-Out Cookies

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I just realized that we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, and that I should be a good mom and blogger by providing some fun Valentine’s treats! We made these cookies¬†this morning, and I definitely did win the affection and praises of my 4- and 2-year-olds. “This is the best day ever!” says the older one, with her little sister echoing “Day ever!” in an attempt to talk just like her. So cute. I hope all of you are as fully pleased ūüôā Continue reading

Whole Food Toddler Snack Series: Sweet Potato Bites


It’s almost silly how easy this “recipe” is – really¬†it’s more a trick than a recipe. I love this one because it transforms¬†a unique (as far a snacks go anyway), healthful root vegetable¬†into a portable, non-messy, finger-food. Continue reading

Whole Food Toddler Snack Series: Apple Pie Bars


I love that you can lay out the ingredients for this recipe and recognize every single one of them as an actual food! Nothing from a can, jar or plastic bag. It’s beautiful, ¬†isn’t it? Continue reading

Whole Food Toddler Snack Series: Gummies

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What’s great about these gummies, besides the fact that they are soooo easy, portable, clean and well loved by toddlers everywhere, is that they are made with pure collagen gelatin from grass-fed animals. Like all foods, quality here matters. Continue reading

Whole Food Toddler Snack Series & My Snack Philosophy

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Would anyone out there disagree with me if I made the claim that toddlers and preschoolers almost unilaterally prefer¬†snacks over meals? Maybe it’s their short attention span, or that it’s more fun to eat on a walk in the stroller, at the park, in their car seat, or sitting on the floor. Who knows!? But, in my experience, it’s just true. Continue reading