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Inspirations from the 2017 Seed Savers Conference

Have you heard of a “seed saver”? What do you think about going to a conference for seed savers? Does it sound nerdy? Niche? I only ask because I see the slight amusement in people’s eyes when I tell them how excited I am about going to the Seed Savers Exchange Conference in Decorah, Iowa each year. Others don’t hide their reaction so well – like the couple my friend and I ran into at a wayside rest site on our way home from the conference. We exchanged stories and they asked about our travels. My friend enthusiastically answered that we were in Decorah at the Seed Savers Exchange Conference. *They literally laughed out loud.* It’s ok, I get it. But let me try to explain why saving seeds is more than a nerdy pastime for zealous gardeners.  Continue reading

Inspirations from the 2016 Seed Savers Exchange Conference


I just returned from a weekend at Seed Savers Exchange’s (SSE) Heritage Farm in Decorah, Iowa, rubbing shoulders with gardeners, activists, geneticists, chefs, microbiologists, horticulturists, lobbyists, lawyers, grass roots organizers, historians, and seed curators, savers and propegators – all around one devotion: preserving  heirloom seeds. The motivation is this: between 1903 and 1983, our country lost 93% of our seed varieties. Continue reading